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The subjective response, reflecting upon completion, is a narrative not seeming to hold the memory of a story; rather the after-effects of a poem rich in metaphor remain, leaving readers richer. The threat of misspent life, salvation, trust in false idols, abandoning vices, particularly the silent killer of millions worldwide is the story's moral. My characters are misfits. Miamians drawn from other cities, when at the end of their ropes, they try to rebuild, figure it out. Two Bottled Dolphins harkens Tom Wolfe's, Bonfire of the Vanities, ' voice; with haphazard plot, reminiscent of Philip K. Dick. I addressed lovers' unspoken thoughts during orgasm. Hiding emotions because one or the other denies recognizing something's there, is where the bottled dolphin metaphor came - the dimorphic realm irresistible. Re-read passages, the book . . . for Martin Buber was right - quoting details of his book, he absently responded, "I wrote under the spell of an irresistible enthusiasm." Enjoy a vibe ripe in metaphors and symbols.

Two Bottled Dolphins By Rober Jeffrey Grant

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