Nick Varner

Currently considered by many the world's Best All-Around and Best 9-Ball Player, Nick Varner picked up his first pool cue at age five when his father, Nicholas, bought a small pool room in Grandview, Indiana. The young farm boy soon became a familiar sight in the pool room pulling a coke case around the table so that he could reach the shots on the table. By the time he graduated from high school, Varner had become a top local player.

Despite his home town reputation, Varner avoided pool rooms during his first semester at Purdue-figuring a farm boy would be outclassed. However, one day early in his second semester, Varner dropped into the billiard room and asked if anyone wanted to play. Richard Baumgarth, soon to National Collegiate Champion, stepped forward. Even though he had not played in months, Varner trailed Baumgarth by only four games after two hours of play.

During the next three years, Varner practiced daily, and his game improved. In 1969 and in 1970, he won back-to-back National Collegiate Championships. In 1970, Nick received another boost to his confidence as a player when top pro Joe Balsis visited Purdue for an exhibition. During a game between Balsis and Varner, Nick ran 58 balls, beating Joe 150-148. Later, Balsis remarked to the press, "Nick has a lot of potential."

After college, Nick took his "potential" on the road playing an aggressive schedule of tournaments and exhibitions.  In August 1980, his lifetime dream of winning the World Championship came true in New York City.  Three months later, he also won the 1980 BCA National 8-Ball Championship, prompting Billiards Digest  to name him Player Of The Year. 1981 was a heart-breaker for Varner, when he narrowly missed repeating by finishing second in both tournaments.  However, in 1982, Varner captured the World 9-Ball Championship in Atlantic City.  ABC Televised the tournament on Wide World Of Sports with Howard Cosell as commentator. In 1986, Nick again won the World Championship in Philadelphia, which ESPN televised.


1989 was a dream year for Nick.  He won everything in sight, including 11 Pro Tour Events out of 22.  This record is one that may never be equaled.  Two of his Championships in 1989 included the World Championship and the US Open 9-Ball Championship.  Throughout his career, Nick Varner has established himself as one of the all-time greats of the game.  His skill, strategy and and cue ball control are legendary.  Writer Ben Lucien Burman, probably summed it up best after watching Nick perform at the Players Club in New York, when he said "To watch Nick Varner at a pool table is like watching a portrait  being painted by Rembrandt."  Since 1980, Nick Varner has racked up over 80 tournament championships, including 8 World Championships.  In 1992, he was ranked #1 All-Around Player and #1 9-Ball Player by his peers in the Men's Professional Billiards Association.  In July 1992, he was inducted into the Billiards Congress of America Hall of Fame.


In 1994, Nick finished the year as the number one player on the Pro Billiards Tour and captured Player Of The Year Honors for the fourth time.  In route to Player Of The Year honors, he won the world 8-Ball Championship and the Challenge of Champions.

In 1999, Nick Won to World Titles. Early in the year, he won the World Bank Pool Championship in Louisville Kentucky. Nick closed out the year by winning the WPA World 9-Ball Championship in Alicante, Spain. Also in 1999, Nick started to compete on Steve Mizerak's Senior Tour. He won Player Of The Year Honors his first year on the tour.

The other Major Team Event in 2002 was the Border Battle in toronto, Canada at Dave and Buster's. The event featured Team USA and Team Canada. Television and Promoter Jimmy Wych put the event together and it was filmed by TSN (Canada's Total Sports Network). Nick was Captain of Team USA and was lucky enough to win a hill battle with Canada's Team Captain Cliff Thorburn to help pocket the win for Team USA.


A living legend in pocket billiards, Nick Varner has become one of the sport's most popular and sought after celebrities.  Through his many television appearances, exhibitions, magazine articles, books, instructional videos and TV commentary, Nick Varner shares his remarkable expertise and enthusiasm with millions of pocket billiard players throughout the world.


  • 1970 ACU-I Intercolleagiate Championship

  • 1975 Midwest Open 9-Ball

  • 1979 Lexington All-Star Tournament

  • 1980 Professional Pool Players Association World Open 14.1 Pocket Billiard Championship

  • 1980 Billiard Congress of America National Eight-ball Championship

  • 1980 Kentucky Derby Open

  • 1980 BCA 8-Ball Qualifier

  • 1980 Illinois 9-Ball Open

  • 1981 Kentucky Open 9-Ball

  • 1982 Professional Pool Players Association World Nine-ball Championship

  • 1982 Kentucky Open 9-Ball

  • 1982 Bowling Green Open, Bank

  • 1982 Prestonburg Open 9-Ball

  • 1982 Owensboro Open 9-Ball

  • 1983 McDermott Masters Champion 9-Ball

  • 1983 San Jose Open 9-Ball

  • 1983 Kentucky Open 9-Ball

  • 1983 National Open 9-Ball

  • 1983 Fresno Open 9-Ball

  • 1984 Kentucky Open 9-Ball

  • 1984 Tennessee State 9-Ball

  • 1985 Tennessee State 9-Ball

  • 1985 Zurich Open 9-Ball

  • 1986 Professional Pool Players Association World 14.1 Championship

  • 1986 Charlotte Open

  • 1986 Sacramento Open 9-Ball

  • 1986 Midwest Open 9-Ball

  • 1987 McDermott Masters 9-Ball

  • 1988 Glass City Open 9-Ball

  • 1988 Scranton Invitational 9-Ball

  • 1988 Tennessee State 9-Ball

  • 1988 Sands Regent 9-Ball

  • 1989 US Open 9-Ball

  • 1989 MPBA Brunswick World Championship

  • 1989 Rak'em Up 9-Ball Classic

  • 1989 Knoxville 9-Ball Open

  • 1989 Governors Cup 9-Ball

  • 1989 Glass City Open 9-Ball

  • 1989 Sand Regent 9-Ball Open

  • 1989 Golden 8-Ball Invitational

  • 1989 Scranton Open 9-Ball

  • 1989 Lexington All Star Open

  • 1989 Akron Open 9-Ball

  • 1990 US Open 9-Ball

  • 1990 World Series Championship

  • 1990 Challenge Match, Vs. Efren Reyes, 9-Ball 60-47

  • 1990 Al Romero Classic 9-Ball

  • 1990 West End All Around Shoot Out

  • 1991 Rak'em Up 9-Ball

  • 1992 Super Bowl XXVI Billiard Championship

  • 1992 Legends of One Pocket, International One Pocket Tournament

  • 1993 Lexington All Star Open

  • 1994 International Challenge of Champions

  • 1994 World 8-Ball Championship

  • 1994 Lexington All Star Open

  • 1996 Sands Regent 9-Ball

  • 1996 J.O.B One Pocket

  • 1996 One Pocket

  • 1996 9-Ball

  • 1997 Mosconi Cup, Team America

  • 1997 J.O.B. 9-Ball

  • 1997 Sands Regent 9-Ball Open

  • 1998 Mosconi Cup, Team America

  • 1999 WPA World 9-Ball Champion

  • 1999 World Championship 9-Ball Bank

  • 1999 Steve Mizerak Tulsa Senior Open 9-Ball

  • 2000 World One Pocket Championship

  • 2000 Derby City Classic One Pocket

  • 2000 Steve Mizerak Senior Masters Open 9-Ball

  • 2001 The "Superman Classic" Open Tournament

  • 2001 Mosconi Cup Team America

  • 2001 Sunshine State One Pocket Tour, CM's Place

  • 2001 Sunshine State One Pocket Tour, Kiss Shot Billiards

  • 2001 Sunshine State One Pocket Tour, Capone's Billiards

  • 2001 Sunshine State One Pocekt Tour, Sharp Shooters

  • 2001 Hard Times One Pocket

  • 2002 Border Battle, Team USA Vs Team Canada

  • 2002 Patriot Cup

  • 2002 Jacksonville 9-Ball Open

  • 2002 Glass City Open 9-Ball

  • 2003 Pechauer 9-Ball Stop #7

  • 2003 Mosconi Cup, Team America, Captain

  • 2003 Border Battle, Team USA VS Team Canada

  • 2004 Border Battle, Team USA VS Team Canada

  • 2007 Great Southern 9-Ball Tour, Big Orange Classic

  • 2014 Durbin Cup

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