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Capitol Billards

Rhode Island Billiards Bar and Bistro

Wednesday night In House League

Wednesday night 8 ball league  Meeting on January 10th and starting on January 17th  with handicaping for new players.

Sick of teams? this is the event for you play against players in one of 3 divisions and win prize money at the end.  We have 22 players this session.

We have room for just a few more players in each of the levels A, B, C next session.  

You will need to be rated if you have never played in this league so check with us any Wednesday so you can get rated for the next session. There are 3 classes and within each class there are handicaps.

Each season there are special nights from a pizza night to a final banquet. There are trophies each year for each class ask for Steve
Gosetti, or ask for Anthony to get details

Handy  Cap Matches
Dues  $  7.00 per night
a)  $ 2.00 Table Time
b)  $ 5.00 Prize  Fund

All players to finish session will share in Prize Money ( depending on their rating)
Rules and standings for this league are at the bottom of this page



Thursday Night In House League 
Straight  Pool  League, Starts on September 21 st

One of the only Straight Pool Leagues in the State of RI maybe the only one in RI.
a) Free Practice   6:30 PM –7:00 PM
b) Matches Start 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Usually there are 12 guys in this league come check it out. We are always interested in adding more players for the next session.

Going to miss your match , call  me  before 5:30 PM the night of the match so I can Let your opponent know Any Question Call Mike 401-523-1248

poker Night Rhode Island Billiards Bar and Bistro

Our poker night boasts over 40 players every Monday night in the back half of our billiard club.  The entry is just $20 and includes a buffet dinner.  This professional run event is a simulation of playing with thousands of $ for just $20.  Come check this night out in person.

Dart League Rhode Island Billiards Bar and Bistro
APA Pool League

Sunday night APA 9 Ball  & PLA Teams
We have room for another team and teams are looking for players

Tuesday Night APA 8 Ball & PLA Teams
We have two teams right now, we are accepting one more team.

Thursday Night APA 9 Ball & PLA
We have one team, We have room for one more team.

League Registration Mondays & Wednesdays call Anthony for more info at 401 232-1330 x10


8 Ball League


(Starts 9/15)

1. NO REFUNDS TO DROPOUTS.   The weekly fee is $7.00 per week, which pays for table

time, trophies, food nights (if applicable), Banquet and the prize fund.  $30,00 is due

the first week for all new players joining the league.   You play one match per week,

race to 6, 7 or 8, depending on the division you are in.  
Make ups are done on

Wednesday Night AFTER your regular match, on Sundays nights or on a
Make Up

night (if applicable)

2. Wins are determined by how many individual games you win.  The players with the

most individual wins determine your position in the standings.  Trophies are given to

the top 2 or 3 places (depending on how many people are in a particular division).  

Prize money is paid to all players.

3. YOU MUST CALL your opponent if you cannot play your SCHEDULED MATCH.  Call the

Pool Hall if you are running late or cannot contact
you opponent soon enough.



1. Flip a Coin … Winner Breaks

a. 4 Balls must contact a rail if not,

b. Scratch on break

i. Opponent can break or request shooter to re-break

i. Opponent gets Ball in Hand behind
head string.

2. 8 Ball on Break WINS

3. Open Table after Break

a. In the event of a scratch.  8 Ball is spotted; opponent gets Ball in Hand behind

the head string.

a. You can hit any combination of balls (even the 8) to determine your group.



a. You MUST hit one of your balls first

b. The 8 Ball MUST go as called and CLEAN (not off of any other ball).

c. SHORT Rails do not have to be called.

2. Any illegally pocketed balls stay down

3. Balls jumped off the table are spotted.

4. If you Scratch or do not play a legal Safety, your opponent gets
ball in hand.


i. The Cue must contact one of your balls

ii. Then ANY Ball (including the Cue) must hit a rail or be


5. 3 Fouls in a row is NOT a loss of game.

6. Wait until all Balls have stopped before shooting or picking up the Cue Ball.

7. If you accidentally move a ball with a stick or hand etc. your opponent has the option

of leaving it there or moving it back

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